Life is tough.

But so are you!

Ninja Life Hacks empowers children

Promotes a growth mindset and problem solving. Cultivates self-confidence. Helps children deal with difficult emotions and feelings. Prepares them for life’s challenges.

Explore our box sets

Eight new box sets with eight books each. Each set comes in its own slipcase.

Learn Valuable life skills.

Empowers children by promoting emotional intelligence and a growth mindset.

Geared to kids 3-11+

Perfect for boys, girls, young readers, primary school students, toddlers, or any child who deals with difficult emotions. Excellent resource for counselors, parents, and teachers alike.

Customer Reviews

"My 8 year old son, everytime I ask if I can read him a book, or vise his love for ninjas I got these and every night is magical now. He loves picking what ninja is next. He listens to every word. We talk about them and relate them to us. I've bought 3 box sets now, we've shared them with his close friends, (that love them too). ...I am SO happy the nightime routine we had when he was little found it's way back in to our lives. I look forward to every bedtime now. Thanks for the best books ever! ((Short enough to hold a kids attention, every one sends a positive message, and we look at the backs after every book and relate them to our friends.))"”

Heather, Mom

"Omg I personally loved this book! My 5 year old daughter and I read it together. She is always so positive and happy so she said with a smile mommy this book is for you. Sometimes I’m known to get angry quick so this book really helped me.

Nikki S.-Mom

"In my daughters school they taught her medication and how to count when she gets frustrated or angry … the 1+3+10 strategy is actually one my daughter taught me. Crazy how something so simple actually calms you down."

Kelly K., Customer

"I have a 3 yr old that is book smart but struggles with emotional intelligence. These books have been awesome! The books are the perfect length and keep his attention. He has applied some of the concepts and it has been a fun way for us to help him to continue to grow and learn how to handle his thoughts and emotions!"

Jess, Mom

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