10 Ways To Create a Financially Savvy Kid aka Money Ninja!

As soon as our boys were old enough around the age of 3, we began teaching them how to save with a piggy bank and the value of money. As they grew older, we intentionally did things to empower our children to become financially literate. Today, I’ll share those with you:

  1. Add your child as an authorized user on your credit card so they can understand how interest, paying off balances, credit score, and autopay works. Bonus ** by adding your child as an authorized user, they can start building their credit score.
  2. Actively nurture compassion by donating time, money and/or resources as a family to people and causes you care about.
  3. Open an investing custodial account for them so they can become familiar with stock investing verbiage and how stocks and trading works.
  4. Give them independence when it comes to money to allow them to fail and learn from their mistakes. 
  5. Include them in your entrepreneurial journey by celebrating your wins and accepting your failures with them openly and honestly.
  6. Bring them with you to business meetings with your attorneys, CPAs, customers, and colleagues so they can understand the dynamics of negotiations and social interactions.
  7. Speak about money transparently. There seems to be a taboo when it comes to talking money. Let’s break that trend and increase our children’s money savviness.
  8. Teach them about saving money to invest by empowering them with financial literacy books starting at a young age.
  9. Expose them to different socioeconomic environments.
  10. Take them to work with you so they understand the value of hard work and how that ties into money, or better yet, have them apply for a job.

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