Ninja Life Hacks Self Awareness 8 Book Box Set (Books 41-48)

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The Ninja Life Hacks Self Awareness Box Set includes books 41-48:

  • Nervous Ninja
  • Jealous Ninja
  • Growth Mindset Ninja
  • Forgetful Ninja
  • Creative Ninja
  • Frustrated Ninja
  • Emotionally Intelligent Ninja
  • Memory Ninja

Life is tough. But so are you! 

The new children’s book series, Ninja Life Hacks, was developed to help children learn valuable life skills. Fun, pint-size characters in comedic books easy enough for young readers, yet witty enough for adults. The Ninja Life Hacks book series is geared to kids 3-11+.  Perfect for boys, girls, early readers, primary school students, or toddlers.  Excellent resource for educators, parents, and teachers alike.

Collect all the Ninja Life Hacks Book Sets.

  • Ninja Life Hacks Emotions and Feelings Box Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Growth Mindset Book Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Leadership Book Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Mover and Shaker Book Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Self Management Book Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Self Awareness Book Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Decision Making Book Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Social Awareness and Relationship Skills

Makes a perfect gift! (No books in our sets overlap.)

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