Hooty Pooty the Owl Paperback Book

This Halloween, make it a funny one!

Hooty Pooty the Owl is a hoot!

Hooty Pooty is a farting owl,
He can’t help his stinky bowel.
Most owls cry “Hoot, hoot, hoot!”
But Hooty Pooty cries, “Poot, poot, poot!”

8.5"x8.5" heavyweight paperback

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The book series, Farting Adventures, celebrates the value of laughter. The Farting Adventures book series is geared to kids and adults ages 0-100:

• Taylor the Tooting Turkey
• Frank the Farting Flamingo
• Artsy Fartsy the Farting Penguin
• Fairy the Farting Unicorn
• Buddy the Burping Bunny
• Roses are Red, And I’m Farting Fred
• Lucky the Farting Leprechaun
• Book of Bunny Farts
• Pete the Pooting Pufferfish
• Fritz the Farting Reindeer

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