Ninja Life Hacks Four Box Sets Bundle: Books 1-32

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Ninja Life Hacks Four Box Sets Bundle, Books 1-32:

  • Angry Ninja
  • Positive Ninja
  • Earth Ninja
  • Inventor Ninja
  • Grumpy Ninja
  • Helpful Ninja
  • Kind Ninja
  • Lazy Ninja
  • Perfect Ninja
  • Money Ninja
  • Anxious Ninja
  • Gritty Ninja
  • Dishonest Ninja
  • Shy Ninja
  • Unplugged Ninja
  • Diversity Ninja
  • Focused Ninja
  • Calm Ninja
  • Brave Ninja
  • Worry Ninja
  • Masked Ninja
  • Inclusive Ninja
  • Grateful Ninja
  • Hangry Ninja
  • Stressed
  • Communication
  • Smart
  • Organized
  • Patient
  • Hopeful
  • Funny
  • Confident

Life is hard! And it’s even harder for children who are just trying to figure things out. The new children’s book series, Ninja Life Hacks, was developed to help children learn valuable life skills. Fun, pint-size characters in comedic books easy enough for young readers, yet witty enough for adults. The Ninja Life Hacks book series is geared to kids 3-11+.  Perfect for boys, girls, early readers, primary school students, or toddlers.  Excellent resource for educators, parents, and teachers alike.

This collection contains four Ninja Life Hacks Book Sets.

  • Ninja Life Hacks Emotions and Feelings Box Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Growth Mindset Book Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Leadership Book Set
  • Ninja Life Hacks Mover and Shaker Book Set

Makes a perfect gift! (No books in our sets overlap.)

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