Dishonest Ninja Book Paperback

Dishonest Ninja didn’t think lying would hurt anyone. But what Dishonest Ninja d

Perfect Ninja Book Paperback

Perfect Ninja must do things perfectly. When expectations aren’t met, Perfect Ni

Shy Ninja Book Paperback

Extreme shyness causes Shy Ninja to miss out on normal, everyday activities. For

Unplugged Ninja Book Paperback

In a world full of technology, how do we get our children to unplug? Unplugged N

Masked Ninja Book Paperback

Through a child’s eyes, the world may seem chaotic with coronavirus (COVID19), m

Inclusive Ninja Book Paperback

Inclusive Ninja shares how we can practice inclusion by developing compassion. F

Diversity Ninja Paperback

Diversity Ninja shows us that regardless of differences in race, gender, ability

eNinja: A Children’s Book Paperback

eNinja shares best learning practices for online school. Find out what happens i

Hangry Ninja Book Paperback

What makes Hangry Ninja so hangry? Well, just about anything and everything. Whe

Brave Ninja Book Paperback

Sometimes, it helps to BE brave even when we aren’t FEELING brave. In this comed

Calm Ninja Book Paperback

Calm Ninja experiences frustration and anxiety until Calm Ninja learns how to fi

Communication Ninja Book Paperback

Communication Ninja helps Angry Ninja communicate BIG feelings and shares how th


As the parent of a child with ADHD and other difficulties, I especially love that this book gives some real basic but effective strategies for helping to maintain attention. She teaches kids to do things like keep their space organized and break large tasks down into smaller chunks. It is also great how the Ninja in the book takes ownership of his difficulties with focus and takes steps to help himself. I love how the Ninja books always encourage kids to be their best selves without ever talking down to them about challenges and struggles. Overall, this is an awesome title that should be in every child's library!

Kevin Ball

Growth Mindset Box Set does not disappoint, and is just the message of grit--what we called "stick-to-it-tiv-ity" when I was a kid--that I've been working to instill in my curious little explorer.

A.C. Cham

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